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Last Updated: May 18th

In light of the easing of current restrictions in the Republic of Ireland we are delighted to announce that we are now available for on-site appointments for the provision of emergency and urgent foot care in our Sligo Clinic. We continue to offer online video and telephone consultations for all other Clinic locations. All requests for appointments will be triaged by phone. Our Admin is being fulfilled remotely and any queries will be followed up as soon as possible. For more information please contact us by email on [email protected] We will continue to reassess on a weekly basis.

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Heel pain

Firefly Foot & Ankle Clinics treat foot and ankle pain. Our podiatrists are medically trained experts who specialise in treating pathologies of the foot, ankle and lower limb. 

Firefly Foot & Ankle Clinics’ Podiatrists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are members of The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrist of Ireland and/or the UK alternative, The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists.

Custom made foot and ankle orthotics

With the exception of nail surgery, Podiatrists use non-surgical methods of treatment. At Firefly we specialise in the treating of various conditions affecting the lower extremity using custom made foot orthoses, but only where necessary. 

Our practice philosophy centres around providing the most up-to-date and highest quality of treatment to our patients using CAD/CAM 3D technology to design and manufacture custom made foot and ankle orthotics.

Trail running

When we stood up on both feet it changed the course of human life. We began to hunt and gather food over greater distances. We travelled and discovered our planet. Our hands were free to build. Our health and lifestyle improved.

We believe keeping people moving is the key to life, throughout life, from the feet up. #KeepMoving