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Strength & Conditioning

Foot strength is commonly overlooked. Poor foot strength can result in increased occurrence of foot and ankle pathologies. Strength and conditioning plays an important role in patient recovery and rehabilitation following an injury. At Firefly we provide patient specific strength and conditioning programmes designed to reduce the likelihood of future injury.

Maintaining Good foot strength

At our Sligo clinic, our designated Exercise and Rehabilitation Instructor will provide you with a unique programme of strengthening exercises designed to address your pathology and complement your clinical treatment, keeping you mobile and injury free.

Strength and conditioning is often overlooked as a means to prevent and recover from injury. As a patient recovers from an injury or condition that has impacted the leg, ankle or foot a structured strength and conditioning can greatly speed up the process with which they can return to daily activities and enjoy a more healthy lifestyle.

Strength and conditioning heavily linked to sport and athletes, but the same principle should applied to anybody aspiring to achieve efficient and full mobility.

Strength: strengthening muscles that support your lower leg, foot and ankle will help keep you ankle joint stable. This will keep the relevant muscles strong with the goal of relieving foot and ankle pain, preventing further injury.    

Flexibility: Muscle flexibility is important to ensure the patient has a full range of motion in the targeted joint. Stretching the targeted muscles after strengthening exercises helps reduce soreness and keeps muscles long and flexible.

Target Muscles: A structured strength and conditioning programme will target the muscle groups that as well as tendons and ligaments that control movement in the lower leg and feet.

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