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Orthotic Therapy

At Firefly, we prescribe custom made foot orthoses that are unique to the anatomy of your foot and fit comfortably into your footwear. Orthoses are designed to enhance how your foot functions. Our custom made foot orthoses can help patients who suffer from foot, knee, hip and lower back pain.

Podiatric Biomechanics Orthotic Therapy

At Firefly Foot & Ankle Clinics we specialise in podiatric biomechanics and orthotic therapy. We produce custom made foot orthoses from our own lab in Sligo. This insures we can produce accurately designed, bespoke orthotic devices; crafted to treat the unique needs of each individual patient.

The devices produced by our skilled orthotic technicians are recognised as industry leading. As such, Firefly custom made foot orthoses are prescribed by many hundreds of Podiatrists across the UK and Ireland.

Typically foot orthotics are prescribed to to reduced stress on injured structures. 

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From Scan to Fitting Appointment

At Firefly Foot and Ankle Clinic we pride ourselves in specialising in orthotic therapy. Through our sister company Firefly Orthoses Ltd, we have gained the knowledge and experience of orthotic manufacturing.

We can consolidate material knowledge and shell grind to make the perfect prescription. Our process from scanning your foot to your fitting appointment ensures you are given the highest quality and expertise.

  1. Following your consultation, your podiatrist will take a 3D impression of both of your feet for custom made foot orthoses. This will be done either through taking a cast of the foot using plaster of Paris or taking a 3D scan using the state of the art AOMS cast scanner. The podiatrist will then write your prescriptions considering your foot pathology, footwear, weight and shoe size. This is how they are truly custom made.


  1. This scan and prescription are then sent to our sister company Firefly Orthoses, the premium custom-made orthoses company. It is here that the Technical team receive your 3D scan or plaster of Paris cast. They make the necessary corrections to intrinsically balance the foot based on the prescription.


  1. This corrected 3D scan is now sent to Canada to manufacture the shell of your device! Our orthoses are manufactured using advanced computer technology (CAD-CAM / computer aided design – computer aided manufacture). When it returns to Ireland it enters our lab in Sligo for final touches. This lab is also where any modifications or refurbishments are done.


  1. Your orthoses are then put through quality checks by the Technical Staff of Firefly Orthoses before we collect them and bring them to our Firefly Clinic.


  1. We then ring you to book your fitting appointment. It is vital to bring various footwear to the fitting appointment to ensure your new device fits the appropriate footwear. It also gives our podiatrists a chance to give footwear advice!

The process from cast to fitting takes approximately 4 weeks but you can see why these steps are needed to ensure your device is made of the highest quality and is truly custom made.

There will be a review 6-8 weeks following your fitting.