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Diabetic Foot Examination

Diabetes can be particularly dangerous to the feet, causing nerve damage, loss of feeling, foot ulcers and serious infections which can lead to amputation of the toes or foot. If you have recently been diagnosed with, or care for someone with diabetes, make sure you are doing all you can to protect feet and keep toes healthy too.

A diabetic foot examination is vital to anyone with Diabetes.

The ‘Joslin Clinical Guidelines’ recommend that you have your feet checked at least annually by a podiatrist for altered sensation, decreased circulation and/or infection.

At Firefly Foot and Ankle Clinics we offer neurological and vascular assessments designed specifically for people with Diabetes to ensure good foot health.

All our podiatrists in the Firefly Foot and Ankle Clinics can offer advice to keep your feet healthy.

What is involved in an Assessment?

There are several parts of a diabetic foot exam and it takes about 45 minutes. First, the podiatrist performs a visual inspection, looking for skin colour changes, cuts and any deformities. They will then look between your toes, as often infections can start there. The podiatrist will also palpate pulses at key points of the foot to determine the level of circulation. There will also be a test of sensation, where the podiatrist will use a tuning fork and a monofilament to evaluate your awareness of touch and levels of sensation. All of these findings will be recorded and sent to your General Practitioner (GP). The podiatrist will then carry out routine care.